Our Services

Puerto Vallarta

Our professional services start with RESIDENTIAL SURVEYING AND INSPECTION.

We fully inspect the whole property, inside and out, looking for any defects or issues that might prove to be a problem or even worse, a potential hazard. Operating to the norms and protocols of the United Kingdom’s ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED SURVEYORS (RICS), our certified inspectors ensure that no stone is left unturned to provide you with a detailed report concerning your properties condition.

A typical inspection takes around TWO TO THREE HOURS, during which time we check the buildings construction, fixtures and fittings, electrical integrity, gas / fuel installations, Water and plumbing, heaters / boilers and carry out a test of the water quality.

Our full residential inspection covers the following:

  1. Analysis of the surrounding area – Services and amenities, risk assessment.
  2. Inspection of the construction of the property – Materials of construction and quality of work
  3. Internal inspection – Structural inspection, Walls, Roof / Ceiling, Electrical and plumbing inspection, inspection of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Lighting, Fixtures and fittings,

Our typical inspection carries out the following tests:

  1. Internal structural integrity – Damp / moisture tests to major structures: Walls, Ceilings, Roof areas,
  2. Inspection of Pools and out-buildings
  3. Electrical integrity tests to all outlets, covering phase (Ground / Live / Neutral) checks, voltage output check, overall condition of cabling etc.
  4. Plumbing integrity test – Inspection of boilers / heaters, all visible pipework, leak checks for both liquids and combustible gases. Water quality check for total dissolved solids.
  5. HVAC inspection checking output / performance of air conditioning units and checking for any leak in the compressor and blower units.
  6. Fixtures integrity checking correct function of fixtures and fittings, doors, windows, kitchen equipment etc.
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Safety assessment
  9. Additional items as required by the client.

When the survey is completed, the client is presented with a detailed report, with photos and explanations of all findings, observations and recommendations.

In summary – We are here to help with finding a property, ensuring that this property is correctly checked for any defects that might become a problem BEFORE finalising the purchase and then, if required, offering legal support to finalise the details.

As far as Real Estate is concerned, we work with the most prestigious companies here to understand your property needs and then make it happen. We are then here to assist with the legal process by putting you in contact with established legal services so we can ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Having found your ideal property or land plot, our legal team then gets involved to make sure there are no hidden surprises and everything in the purchasing process goes to plan, as it should do.

For the adventurous who will be building their own dream home or modernizing an existing property, our project managers and architects will jump into action to help you design, plan and build your ideal home.

We will be adding to our services and adding more ways to be of assistance and help in any way we can!


Over the past few weeks and months, there has been a great surge in property and commercial development, in and around Puerto Vallarta.and Bahia de Banderas – Please check in with us and see what opportunities we have for you