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Puerto Vallarta by Night
We are a group of professionals and ex-pats living in and around Puerto Vallarta who realized that buying properties in Mexico can be a daunting experience, especially when Mexico has incomplete official buildings standards and a limited verification inspections regime.
Our aim is to offer peace of mind and confidence that the property you are purchasing is in a sound condition and there are no hidden problems that could be both very costly and troublesome to resolve.

At Vallarta ResidentWe offer that critical support.

Basing our HOME INSPECTION SERVICE standards on the UK’s ROYAL INSTITUE OF CHARTERED SURVEYORS (RICS) – we offer a full property inspection for new, old or ‘project’ properties basing this on the advanced RICS Level three survey protocols.

You can find out more about our services on the SERVICES page of this website.

Adhering to the principals laid down by the ROYAL INSTITUE OF CHARTERED SURVEYORS, our certified inspectors will carry-out a thorough inspection of your chosen property, prior to purchase and present you with a detailed report of their findings. This will assist you in confirming that you have found your ideal home and now have the peace of mind that a professionally certified RESIDENTIAL HOUSING INSPECTOR has verified that everything is in order OR in the case that something unexpected is discovered during the inspection, you are prepared for a more details discussion with your vendor BEFORE you have made a costly mistake and purchasing the property.

BUT, our assistance does not end there..

When you are ready and when needed, we have associated experts and legal advisors to ensure everything goes smoothly and for the more adventurous who want to build their dream home, we can even offer a dedicated and trusted team of project managers, legal experts, architects and contractors to make it happen.

Our Inspectors and Supervisors are native English speakers, fluent in Spanish, to make sure things happen as they should and that you know what is happening every step of the journey.