About Us

Puerto Vallarta by Night
We are a group of professionals and ex-pats living in and around Puerto Vallarta who realized that many more people would like to spend more time or relocate and live here. For most people before they can make such a lifestyle change, they would need to know that they have a solid network of support and know how to get the essential help and services needed to make the transition to living in a new country.

At Vallarta Resident

We offer that support, everything from Realtors to find your idea place to stay (Rental or buy, house or condo) or find you that ideal plot of land. When you are ready, we have legal advisors to ensure everything goes smoothly and for the more adventurous who want to build their dream home, we can offer a dedicated and trusted team of project managers, legal experts, architects and contractors to make it happen.

Our project managers are native English speakers, fluent in Spanish, to make sure things happen as they should and that you know what is happening every step of the journey.